Never run out of diapers again!

Diapermatic is a box of diapers that never runs empty - whenever it gets low it does all the hard stuff for you and you only need to click one button on your phone or email to get diapers delivered to your door, before you run out.

We will never sell your email address to any 3rd party or send you nasty spam. Promise.

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No fees!
New diapers for your box come at the same price offered by major retailers.

No replacing batteries!
Our smart box electronics only turn on when they absolutely need to, so batteries last for years.

Never empty!
Advanced statistical methods ensure that you always get new diapers before your supply runs out.

We grow with you!
As your child grows, we'll send you two options - reorder the same diapers, or the next size up.

No planning needed!
Don't know how many diapers you'll need this month?  No problem: diapermatic only reorders when you're running low.

Other Products!
Things like baby wipes can be added to your automatic orders so they arrive with your diapers.

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